Election 2016: Edward Mahama’s Claims Fact-Checked – 50% completely False

When the presidential candidate of the PNC, Edward Mahama took the stage at the IEA Evening Encounter, some of his claims were not true. Out of six of the claims that were fact checked, 3 were found to be completely false, 2 were found to be half true, and one claim mostly true.

The claims made by Edward Mahama were fact checked by a team of seasoned journalists and researchers put together by MFWA with support from the DW Akademie. The goal of this venture is to promote issue-based campaigning where political parties, their main actors, and other key stakeholders in the electioneering process become circumspect and factual in the claims they make. Below is a snapshot of the claims examined with a link to further details:

Claim: Over 65% of the unemployed fall within the youth bracket.

Verdict:  Completely False

 Claim: Ghana is the 7th dirtiest country in the World, according to the WHO….

Verdict: Half True

 Claim: There is no commitment at the top to fight corruption.

Verdict: Half True

ClaimThe Government of Ghana has no shares in the 26 mines in the country.

Verdict: Completely False

Claim: Ghana courts are kangaroo courts.

Verdict: Completely False

 Claim: Ghana imports plantain

Verdict: Mostly True

 Click here to read more details about these claims and the fact-checking results.

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