Ethics Policy for Fact-Checkers

Fact-Check Ghana strives to present facts which are unaffected by personal biases or political agenda.

Fact-Checkers under the project do not let their personal opinions or political alliance affect their work when producing fact-check reports. They work with an independent mindset and are fair in their processes of fact-checking claims.

Consequently, our fact-checkers do not publicly express their political opinion or are involved in any partisan process or activity apart from their civic duty as registered Ghanaian voters who will not discuss their votes after the electoral process.

Our work as fact-checkers are not meant as a contribution to any political party neither is our work meant to project or undermine any political campaigns.

We share our stories on social media, but it is not meant to endorse one political opponent over the other. Also, fact-check Ghana does not express personal political views on social media.

The team is further guided by general media ethical principles including fairness, balance and impartiality in the process of producing fact-check reports. In order to avoid anything that compromises fact-check Ghana, this policy applies  to all our fact-checkers because independence and fairness is paramount to us.