Corrections Policy for Fact-check Ghana

We at fact-check Ghana do our best to be accurate and unbiased in our reports. However, we recognize that mistakes may happen, new information may emerge concerning published reports or some important information may be missed.

We commit to addressing all concerns speedily, with fairness and transparency. In the event that there are factual errors or the context within which the report is published changes or new information changes our understanding of the subject which warrants clarification or correction, we will make corrections and highlight the corrections made in the original report with an explanation to readers why the correction was made. Where corrections are made or reports are updated to reflect the new information or correction “CORRECTED” or “UPDATED” will be attached to the headline and a underneath the headline will be an explanation as to which part of the report has been altered and why.

Where the change or clarification makes a significant impact on the conclusion of the report, the change will be effected and reposted as lead story on the fact-check website. Where it is a minor change, the report will not be made the lead story but rather remain in the chronological order within which it was published.

We may not make a change however, if we consider the complaints to be against the IFCN Principles, which our methodology and editorial policies are based on.

If you as our reader you find any errors that are factual or any published reports with a context that needs correcting, please contact our editor for review and correction.