Editorial Process

While Fact-check Ghana is underwritten by the Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA) and operates under the Media and Good Governance portfolio of the MFWA managed by Abigail Larbi Odei, editorially, it operates independently. At the helm of editorial decision making is an independent editorial board made up of accomplished media practitioners and academics. The editorial board approves the editorial strategy and policies of Fact-check Ghana. The board holds periodic meetings to review editorial operations and make new recommendations.

Overall day-to-day editorial decisions and final approval of all content is made by the Editor of Fact-check Ghana. Coordination of editorial content and supervision of Fact-checkers is led by the Programme Officer. All content produced goes through a first screening by the Programme Officer to ensure compliance with fact-checking principles before being passed on to the Editor. The Editor then reviews the reports and makes final decisions on the reports.

Once a claim or a subject matter is established as worthy of fact-checking based on our methodology, the following step by step processes are undertaken to conduct the fact-checking:

  • Calling or contacting claimants to get more details on the claim or subject matter if necessary.
  • Mapping and selecting available credible sources for verification.
  • Contacting experts.
  • Producing reports