NDC Campaign Launch: Only One in Three Claims, Mostly True

President Dramani Mahama in his address during the recently held NDC Campaign launch, touched on several issues ranging from the economy to social amenities. Some of the claims he made were fact-checked. See the results below:

Claim # 1: Agric grew at respected 2.4% last year compared to a -1.7% in the year 2007.

Verdict: True but Misleading

Claim # 2: Ghana is second only to South Africa in respect of access to electricity. More than 80% of our people have access to electric power.

Verdict: Half True

Claim # 3: In 2013, we were running a budget deficit of Close to 12 percent, rising inflation, a depreciation currency and spiraling interest rates…

VERDICT: Mostly True

Click here to read more details about these claims and the fact-checking results.

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