False! Late John Kumah’s wife didn’t say her husband stopped attending church

A flyer making rounds on social media suggests that the late John Kuma’s wife, Lilian Kumah, said her late husband backslid in his Christian faith in the last days of his life.

The flyer has emerged following the wife of the late Deputy Minister of Finance’s interview with Accra-based Asaase Radio, in which she addressed speculations about the cause of and a supposed prophecy last year about his death.

The flyer bears the logo and social media handles of Kumasi-based Kapital Radio and was first posted on the Facebook page of the radio station on Wednesday, March 13, 2024, with the inscription, “MY HUSBAND USED TO LOVE GOD BUT HE STOPPED ATTENDING CHURCH – LILIAN KUMAH”.

A link to a publication on the website of the media outlet with a similar caption was also shared in the comment section of the post on Facebook.

The flyer has gained traction on social media, particularly on Facebook, with many of those sharing it chastising the widow.

Fact-check Ghana has verified the claim and presents the findings below.

Claim: “My husband used to love God but he stopped attending church – Lilian Kumah.”

Verdict: False


The pre-recorded interview with Lilian Kumah was played during the live broadcast of the Asaase Breakfast Show on Monday, March 11, 2024.

It commenced at 6 minutes 38 seconds of the live broadcast and lasted till 30 minutes 32 seconds of the entire 1 hour 46 minutes 35 seconds broadcast.

She mentioned her husband’s religious life in the 24th minute of the broadcast while dispelling a supposed prophecy about John Kumah’s death by Prophet Nigel Gaisie.

She again talked about her late husband’s religiosity during his lifetime in the 29th minute when she responded to a question about how the family was faring after the former Deputy Finance Minister’s sudden demise.

In both instances, Lilian Kumah eulogized her late husband for his commitment to his Christian faith and his devotion to doing the work of God, describing him as a preacher.

Nowhere in the entire interview did she cast doubt about John Kumah’s faithfulness to his religious beliefs and practices during his lifetime.

Find the transcription of the relevant portions of the interview below.

22:59 – 25

Interviewer: As we begin to wrap up this conversation, I know that there is a popular pastor around who has been fingered as having prophesied and all that. We are told that this is a pastor that you know personally, you have had a relationship with. Can you tell us a bit about it and why the claims that he makes should be discredited?

Lilian Kumah: John Kumah was like a pastor. He preached. He had a special place for pastors. He never toyed with men of God including the time he thought Nigel Gaisie was a genuine man of God. Nigel Gaisie was among those on his payroll… … .

27:22 – 30:32

Interviewer: Mommy, as we begin to wrap up, we know that there is a difficult journey ahead of you and the family. Since you are a woman of God, I know you know the scriptures and you are going to fortify yourself but generally tell me, how is the family that John Kumah has left behind, how are they faring?

Lilian: We are saddened and sorrowful because we are humans. But deep down in us, we know he is with us and we are strong. We are trusting God and we know that God will see us through.

Among all the things, he left us with God. One thing he was so enthused about was that he would do anything for God. Even in the last days of his life, he changed a lot of things in the church. It cost him a lot. But he insisted that he wanted the best for God. So I know John is with the lord and he is seeing us.

Quotation attributed to Lilian Kumah contradicts content and headline of the publication

While the headline and content of the publication on www.kaitalradio971.com sought to suggest Lilian Kumah made comments to the effect that her deceased husband backslid in his religiosity in the latter part of his life, the direct quotation attributed to her told a different story.

“‘Even in his last days, he changed a lot in the church, which cost him a lot, but he insisted that he wants the best for God,” Prophet Lilian Kumah revealed” excerpts of the publication directly attributed to the deceased’s wife read.

From the above, it is evident that Lilian Kumah did not say her husband stopped attending church as claimed.

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