Performance Tracker: Claim on completed 6-seater toilet block in Sentu JHS false

The government’s Performance Tracker claims it has constructed a 6-seater toilet block in Sentu Junior High School in the Lambussie Karni District, Upper West Region.

The Tracker indicates that the 6-seater toilet block in the Sentu Junior High School is “100% completed” and was not an inherited project.

The Performance Tracker boasts over 13,000 projects spanning 267 districts and 28 ministries. According to the government, the Tracker aims at bridging the gap between public perception and the reality of infrastructure projects nationwide.

Screengrab of the claim of completed 6-seater toilet block at Sentu JHS in the Performance Tracker

Fact-Check Ghana has verified the Tracker’s claim of completing a 6-seater Toilet Block at Sentu JHS and present the facts below.

Claim: Construction of 6-seater Toilet Block at Sentu JHS fully completed

Verdict: False


Fact-Check Ghana contacted authorities of Sentu JHS, who, for fear of victimisation do not want their names to be published, stated that there is no such project in the school. Instead, there is only a six-unit classroom block which is still under construction and does not have a toilet facility attached to it.

An uncompleted six-unit classroom block at Sentu JHS

The team interviewed a prominent resident of the Sentu community, Denis Boo, who is a representative of the Sentu JHS Old Students at the School Management Committee. He confirmed that there is no such project in the school.

“It is only this building here [six-unit classroom block] which does not have a toilet facility, and it is not even complete. So, anyone who said there is a complete 6-seater toilet facility here is false. Even this [school building] project has stopped, no one is at the site.”

The team also reached out to Assemblyman of the community, James Sabul, who similarly refuted claims of the existence of a washroom construction project at Sentu JHS.

In conclusion, the claim by the government in its Performance Tracker that it has fully completed a 6-seater toilet facility is false.

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