No, WHO Ghana has NOT Warned of Impending Peak Period of Covid-19 Infection

There is a message circulating on social media that the World Health Organisation (WHO), Ghana, is warning Ghanaians to stay indoors on a particular day because the number of positive cases of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) is going to peak in the country.

The message further cautions that the incubation period of the Covid-19 in Ghana has been met and after the country reaches the maximum record of cases, there will be a two-week stability period followed by a fall in the numbers.

A screenshot from WhatsApp has fact-checked the claims of the viral message and concludes that it’s completely false.

Explanation: Firstly, WHO, Ghana on April 2, 2020 released a brief statement on their official Facebook and Twitter pages debunking the report.

“There is a message going around on social media purported to have been issued by WHO, Ghana to the effect that people should remain indoors at a certain time because there is evidence of the start of a peak of confirmed cases. We wish to state categorically that WHO, Ghana has not issued any such communication,” the statement said.

Secondly, the WHO estimates the incubation period of the virus to be between a period of 2-10 days and the US Centre for Disease Control (CDC) indicates a 2-14 days period.

Currently, the government of Ghana is enforcing a lockdown and all citizens are advised to comply with the directives and wait until further directions are given.





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