I’m not feeling well, but I’ve already been vaccinated. Should I get tested for COVID-19?

About just 2% of Africa’s 1.3 billion population is fully vaccinated. The statistics show that it will take a long time for Africa to reach herd immunity.

In view of this, those who are fully vaccinated are being encouraged by the CDC to keep their masks on and abide by the COVID-19 protocols.

While observing these protocols, one who is fully vaccinated may still feel some of the symptoms of the ravaging coronavirus, prompting the question of whether a vaccinated person should still get tested.

Experts say despite the COVID-19 vaccines providing full protection after two weeks, they’re not perfect. Especially for the Immunocompromised people, the drugs they take suppresses the immune system and this is likely to affect the amount of protection given.

Should one experience any such symptoms, US Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy says “get tested regardless of your vaccination status.”

“Many people are thinking, ‘Covid is over — why do I need to get tested?’ And this is particularly happening in areas, unfortunately, where the vaccination rates are low — which is where we want to be testing more,” Murthy said.

His position has been supported by the Centers for Disease Control in the US which says that even just by exposure without symptoms, fully vaccinated people should get tested.

This pandemic is taking a toll on my mental health, how can I get help if I’m feeling isolated and depressed?

 Many are concerned about their safety. A lot more are also concerned about their finances. Some are also concerned about being distressed. These have taken a toll on people’s mental health.

Should one find himself in any of the categories, the Mental Health Authority would be of great help for readers in Ghana.

Aside from them, one may see a Psychologist for counseling needs and support when dealing with stress, anxiety, fear or isolation related to coronavirus

Should you want to visit or call the Mental Health Authority, kindly use 030 396 4878.

This report is produced under the project: COVID-19 Response in Africa: Together for Reliable Information being implemented with funding support from the European Union.

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