COVID-19: Guidelines for Event Organizers and Tourist Site Operators in Ghana

The easing of the lockdown in Ghana has come with guidelines concerning public gatherings to prevent and curb the further spread of COVID-19 in the country.

Here is what you need to know when it comes to organizing events (conferences, weddings and award ceremonies) and visiting tourist sites and attractions.

At the reception of the venue:

  • There should be the display of the “No Mask No Entry” sign at the entrance. (Organizers may provide nose masks at the entrance for guest who arrive without nose masks)
  • Strict hand-washing must be observed before entering the venue
  • An adequate number of Veronica buckets with tissue and stand-alone dispensers should be positioned strategically to prevent crowding and queues at the entrances to the venue. If there is a queue, individuals should stand at least a meter apart from each other.
  • Ushers shall only escort guests to their seats after the guests have applied hand-sanitizer to their hands at the entrance.
  • Social distancing must be strictly observed (not less than one metre apart)
  • The venue should only accommodate 50% of its total capacity or there should only be 100 people per event.

Activities carried out the venue:

  • Tables designed to seat 10 people will only seat half of that, thus there will be 5 people per table as per social distancing protocols.
  • Tables should be placed at least one metre apart
  • Hand sanitizers should be provided at each table and guests should be encouraged to use it.
  • MC’s are required to initiate or demonstrate activities that are meant to curtail the spread of the virus.
  • If possible, public address systems should provide at least 2 microphones which have been carefully sanitized.
  • Events of such nature should be managed by accredited individuals such as corporate event house and certified professionals by the associations or recognized professional bodies. (the event organizers should be duly licensed by Ghana Tourism Authority).
  • All events must be conducted in a timely manner so guest are not kept within the space for too long.
  • A designated Health and safety person must be among those organizing the event.

With regards to venues:

  • All venues must conform to the set out regulatory standards.
  • Venues must be spacious and outfitted with COVID-19 friendly washrooms (the washrooms must have janitors to clean and disinfect the washrooms after each visit during the event)
  • All venues must make arrangements for an uninterrupted supply of services such as water.

Handling of Food and drinks:

  • To avoid contamination of plates, they must be placed on the tables. This allows the guest to pick their own plates for the buffets or to be served by the caterer or staff.
  • Where guests request cocktails and drinks, the waiters must wear gloves and drinks must be served in disposable cups.

For tourist sites and attractions:

Tourist sites and attractions after putting precautionary measures in place may apply to the Ghana Tourism Authority to allow them to operate.

The precautionary measures for the avoidance of doubt are listed below:

  • There should the provision of an adequate number of Veronica buckets and stand-alone sanitizer dispensers provided, which are positioned at the entrances and in manner to prevent queues and crowding with patrons observing social distancing protocols.
  • The washing of hands and wearing of face masks are mandatory before entry.
  • Strict social distancing must be observed; a distance of not less than one metre must be kept.
  • The maximum number of people at a time is 100
  • Designated isolation areas must be provided in the facility

NB: All Night Clubs and Drinking Bars must remain closed.

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