Russia, Ukraine fact-check: This video of flying fighter jets is not related to the conflict

Amidst the many videos and pictures emerging online purportedly showing the situation in Ukraine is a video of fighter jets flying in the skies.

The video which is 30 seconds long is being circulated with commentary suggesting they are Russian fighter jets arriving in Ukraine for the invasion.

Fact-Check Ghana has verified the video and concludes that it is not related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The team took a screengrab of a thumbnail of the video and did a reverse image search. The search revealed that the video first emerged online in May 2020. The video is a rehearsal of Russia’s fighter jets celebrating the 75th anniversary of World War II victory.

 The jets were flying over Tushino, near Moscow, on May 4, 2020.

The reverse image search led the team to a video on YouTube published by “GoOn” on May 4, 2020, with the title ”Parade rehearsal 05/04/2020. Air part. Flight of aircraft over Tushinotranslated from Russian. The video is 4mins 48 seconds long.

Reviewing the frames of the video, the team found that the video which is making rounds on some social media platforms in Ghana was taken out of the 4mins 48 seconds video.

In conclusion, the video is not related to the ongoing eastern European conflict and must be disregarded.


This bombing video is not related to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

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